About us

AMSE is the national trade association for the companies that invented and have developed mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) technology since the late 1960s. We primarily use galvanized steel reinforcements (strips, bar mats, welded wire mats) because:

  • Galvanized steel offers predictable behavior and long service life.
  • Steel reinforcements are inextensible and have high strength.
  • MSE structures reinforced with steel do not deform under load.
  • Steel-reinforced MSE structures are economical and fast to build.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the use of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining structures, engineered and supplied through a single source of responsibility, and to advocate for the development of and adherence to specifications which ensure value, performance, reliability and long-term safety.

Code of Ethics

Through the AMSE Code of Ethics, Association Members commit to using good, honest business practices in their dealings with customers, suppliers and competitors, for the protection of all parties and to protect and enhance the good name of the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) industry as a whole. Read the AMSE Code of Ethics.