The Importance of Proper Specifications for MSE walls

Using proper specifications in the design and construction of MSE walls is crucial to having a successful project. Up-to-date, technically appropriate specifications allow you to:

  • Customize the design to the reinforcement type (bar mats, welded wire mats, strips).
  • Properly account for all loading conditions, including traffic and/or earth surcharges.
  • Be sure the structure has the required design life.
  • Control/check the characteristics of the manufactured/supplied construction materials (face panels, reinforcements, accessories, backfill).
  • Verify that proper erection procedures are being followed.
  • Check required facing appearance (ordinary surface or architectural finish).
  • Control plumbness and alignment of the facing.
  • Control placement and compaction of the backfill.

To obtain proper specifications for your project you may:

  • Contact AMSE directly to receive typical specifications by email.
  • Contact an AMSE member for assistance.
  • Download them from this site when available.